Step 1

Sign a work order, and I'll send you 6 thumbnail sketched ideas in a PDF via email. This batch will be black and white.

Step 2

Pick your black and white logo. Now we will choose your colors. I'll send a color sheet of an assortment of color combinations based on your decision.

Step 3

Pick your colored choice, and I will prepare an email package with several versions of your logo (.eps, .jpg and .png) and a data sheet (color breakdowns, font usage). Once payment is received, your email will be sent. That easy!


All Logos are $299.

Add Ons

Specialized fonts are usually requested for taglines or logos with type. If there is a special font you like, we can buy a font for your use, usually around an additional $50.

Additional Samples

I've never had to do this, but IF you do not find a logo you like, I can provide another set of 6 logos for an additional $199.  We can add another round of colors for $50.  I don't think you will need to do this though. Just sayin'.