Welcome to Code:Wells

Full Throttle Design Services

Code:Wells is  my  little design studio that delivers a powerful punch.  Full Throttle Design means I turn up the creative juice to make something brilliant for you. My specialities include: infographic video presentations, real estate tours and logo identity. Note: the portfolio designs on this site have been created through my freelance services or through my employment elsewhere. I added these because it comes from the same creative brain.
- Debbie Wells

Motion Presentations

Rock your presentations!  Code:Wells specialties:

Instructional Infographics 
Lobby TV videos
Real Estate Property Tours
Music Performances
Special Events
Special Keepsakes / Gifts


Graphic Design

Code:Wells is the hub for media design.  Services include:

User Interface Elements
Media Kits

Logo Designs

Need a logo? Don't settle for cheese. Code:Wells makes killer logos. Receive a package of 6 stellar samples that you can choose from. Once you pick the one you like,  we narrow it to one rockin' identity. Only $299!

Design Services

If you need a design, you hit the basecamp for creativity.  Visual media extends beyond print, into logos, web and videography. Full Throttle Design is conceptual, professional and quick. Expect a fast comp and a fast turnaround. No cheese here.  Code:Wells develops clean designs, sleek and modern. Color compatibility, image balance, typography image corrections, high resolution output, white space and clean margins are part of a clean design and expect nothing less.


Logo Services: Flat rate: $299
Video Services: Starting at $99
Graphic Design: $50/hour.


Contact: 916.601.3624
Email: codewells2@gmail.com